Monday, November 01, 2004


nice night.

went out for dinner with adam, chee, christine, meien, jj n velda. ahhh.. so good to be out man. yeah i know. i went out last monday, but this time.. i'm actually awake.

yes ppl.i did wear that white dress, with the heels, with make up... got to say i think i drove my hsemates n joshua crazy by kept repeating the same question 'is it really ok'... anyway, it wasnt as bad as i thought it was.

the pics turned out good. the company was great..and guess what? we didnt talk abt work.. well, we did mention a little abt the thesis.. but that's on aknowledgements that's fine. we had lots of laughs.. haven seen all of us so relax really... i think we r all in holiday mood (when the report is due on tues!?!?)

after dinner..we went out to grab coffee and dessert.. ah. (ok gonna need intensive workout this week). stayed there for like another hr or two.. yak n yak n yak.. left the place.. sat by the river..and yak n yak n yak.. oh ok. christine, meien n adam were talking abt stars..while the rest of us were singing songs like 'cant help falling in love', '500 miles', 'tell laura i love her', 'cant take my eyes off you', 'more than words', 'yesterday'.. yeah we jus kept on going. the singing part was fUN.. haha. singing kakis!

and... haha.. we still couldnt get enugh of each other..and went back to JJ's place for more yakking.

hehee.. adam got me a pair of ear rings. not bad. anyway, i recieved like 7 pieces of jewellery this year. 3 pairs of earrings, 2 necklaces, 1 bracelet n 1 ring (frm gran).. wow. hahaha..

oh. and of coz.. chee .. got me a KEN BARBIE! she says that's my prince...ok.. *roll eyes* i prefer a real one thank you. so yeah. my date for the eveing..a ken doll (i haven even touched a barbie for ages... ) cmi. i dont hv the blond hair, blue eyes.. and i dont intend to.

cant get enough of tonight really. a BIG thank you for all who celebrated my 21st with me. Velda, Christine, JJ, Meien, Chee, Adam, Armand, Alan, Jackson... oh of coz Mun Wai, Cailing, Hazlina, Josh, Peggy, Ruth n Don. big big *hugs*

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Thoughts said...

just glad that you enjoyed yourself:)

u left out the bit where chee gave everyone potatoes! (well u had 1 strawberry and 1 potato...)

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