Thursday, November 04, 2004


Kitson n irene's studio pixs. such a sweet couple.

yes. i confess. i go goo-goo ga ga over ppl's wedding pixs. so? *hrmph* more so for kitson n irene's..

watched amazing race epi 7 jus now. ah. feels good to jus sit back and watch something. armand n alan. my AR (amazing race. not armand ratilal) watching kakis.. YAY

speaking of armand. yay.. he downloaded the older versions of "cant take my eyes off you"... i was happily singing (to the wall...) in his rm this afternoon.. i think even armand cant believe i'm singing so much these days.. *shake head* and no..guy sebastian did not do justice to that song...

i was happily asking friends out 2 nights ago... well. when those in spore i mean.. and realised.. errr.. shldnt i be doing this AFTER the paper.. not bEFORE?

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