Monday, December 20, 2004


Sent velda off just now.

Memories. Of her wearing her shoes in the car (late as usual), panicking, perfectionist streak showing.. :p

well well.. i am sure i will see more of her ya? (PS.. dont u dare forget me vel)

doing my own packing. Realised how much stuff i cleared away. Nothing much to bring back. Oops..time to go shopping in spore.

Feeling moody. down.



Thoughts said...

oei! r u sure there r no nicer memories other than me wearing my shoes (n stinking up the car), my obsessive compulsive n my panicking?!?!?! if that is the case, i might really forget u!

daphne said...

hehe.. yes. there r plenty of nicer memories. Too many to list. And hey.the shoe thing is a nice memory k?
some of these memories include

1)our freo trip
2) constant bitching
3) movies kaki (and us holding hands watching bridget jones..:p )
5) our coffee talks
6) our cheap thrills (or us getting excited abt cheap thrills)
7) Our discussion of books.
8) Discussion of animes


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