Sunday, January 01, 2006

Family dinner

Happy new year!

I attended New year's day + early celebration of gran's birthday dinner yesterday.

It's sad that my cousin do not know how to speak cantonese and has no intention to do so. He looks towards his mother and asked "what's she saying?" whenever gran asked him a question. Gran eventually gave up and stopped asking him anything. My cousin did not appear interested in talking to her-and it saddens me to see gran patiently sitting there looking at her grandson but not knowing how to communicate with him.

My uncle remained the same-loud.

Uncle Ronnie brought red wine. The uncles then proceeded to fill my glass up throughout the night. I think I must hv drank 5-6 glasses. Later in the lounge, uncle asked if i wanted any cocktails "no thankyou, just tea with a slice of lemon please". What's wrong with my family? It has just been one year and they seem to be drinking like nothing...

Again, grandma looked at my cousin..not knowing how to communicate with him. She sat opposite him. She was clearly tired, yet she decided to stay back to be with her son and grandson one more time. A once a year event, how could she missed it? She didnt bring her medication to the club, and decided to skip it for the night. She looked at them, wondering when will be the next time she will see them again?

When uncle Ronnie (aunt jasmine's husband) drove us home, gran started talking about uncle and aunt jasmine's childhood stories. Ah, how uncle used to be so naughty. How aunt jasmine was such an easy baby to look after.

During dinner, I looked around the table. I remembered what Gran said about the hard times. Now, my uncle is a managing director. My aunt married a successful business man who is an active grassroot leader. My mum is a nursing officer-and a pretty successful one too. Then I think about how my uncle giving her a misery sum of $ each month. How they even 'forgot' to give something to grandma for her birthday.

It broke my heart when my cousin didnt even give gran a hug.

It broke my heart when gran looked back 2 more times when him and his family walked away.


Ruthie said...

it's sad, eh?
I feel sad too when my cousin does that to grandma...
but at least we do what we can to keep them happy...and I think the little things that we do, they're really happy
esp when they've been the ones bringing us up

Benji said...

i can understand how you're feeling now.. it's even more impt for us as grandchildren whom they have brought up to just not do the same thing to them.. And for us to spend time with them is already a very big thing for them.. Somehow grandmothers tend to feed us like we're still 16.. *Eat Ben eat!!*

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