Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Men and Power

Every now and then, I have this attack of going "wooahhh" towards a character that oozes leadership. Usually, it's a man who is in this position. :p

What is it about a man with power that makes him so attractive? One of the first guy that caught my attention was Prince William. I was 11. Just something about the way he walked and the way he looked into the camera showed confidence. I think that is alluring.

I felt the same way towards numerous male Vice-head and Head prefects when I meet them during my term as a VHP in KCPSS. With the exception of ONE guy (that i fancied for a long period of time), they weren't crushes. It was more like an attraction.

Perhaps it is the confidence or just the way a guy looks when he is in control. Perhaps there is a sense of security, comfort and excitement.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for men with power. :p

Disclaimer: No politicians are involved.


Ruthie said...

it's juz like me being a sucker for men who are sporty and look sud in a way...ha ha!!

daphne said...

Cant help it.



Benji said...

tsk tsk.. women..

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