Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Another year folks! I'm getting older minute by minute. I'm finally 23 years young and am proud of every minute of it.

What can I say? The day began just like any other day. It started at 5:40am. I woke up, had breakfast, did quiet time, prayed, changed and went to uni. Yup, the usual. Research work, contacting potential participants, preparing for tutorial tomorrow, formating diaries, entering references..etc etc. Just another busy day.

The emails came in wishing me happy birthday, then the smses, the phone calls..Cat came into the office singing.. yes, it's reality. I AM 23 years young.

Mr Ar booked me for a facial and massage on saturday (2 months in advance apparently). He said I will never be able to find time to do it so he might as well just book me in and 'escorted' me to the doorstep of the beauty salon. Saturday was extra special as it wasnt just an early celebration of my birthday but it was about us too. :)

Dinner was at the Holiday Inn

Macademia Crusted Pork- Mr Ar's choice.

Lamb rack with cousous- My choice! The picture is blurred but the meal was EXCELLENT.

Coming back to today...

Yup. Just coffee and sweets with the girls at Club Murdoch. Catherine insisted that I have to choose a tart/cake. I moved into the office about 2 months ago and finally a session where we get to sit down and chat.

The highlight of my day in the office was....The filling cabinet with a LOCK arrived in the office. ;p

Anyway, I returned home and made dinner. Mr Ar helped of course..

Grilled Salmon with Pesto on sweet potato mash. Aspargus was served with lemon butter sauce.

Yup! That's me!! Haz indeed bought me 2 tops and 3 packets of Ritter Sport chocolates. I swear, this lady is trying to fatten me up! The flowers.....were from dear BEN!!!!!! *HUGS* The ever so sweet guy 'pretended' not to wish me happy birthday via our mass emails but sent flowers instead. I arrived home and saw those lovely tulips sitting outside the door. Mum gave me the jewellery (express mail) + the body shop stuff. I dig the cosmestic bag. Thanks mum!! Love you lots. The day spa voucher by Mr Ar, photo frame and lindt chocolates by MW + Cailing. There is also a bracelet from grandma. The Crispy Creme donuts (Mei'en wanted me to try them) are only available in Sydney but Mei'en shared them with me. They are VERY SWEET! Too sweet for my liking.. I only took one small bite and put it back in the fridge. How sinful are they?

The cake of course.. Delicious sinful cake...filled with rum and dark chocolate. Just the way I like it. Thanks Mr Ar for the effort of bring the cake back from the city- not to mention the bus broke down and he had to wait for the next bus with the cake!

Thanks also to Ruth, Velda, Peggy, Ben, Min, Ting, Haz, MW + Cailing, Irene, Ryan, Catherine, Lone, Mei'en, Cath, Sian, Claire, Mum, Dad and Grandma and to all my friends who remembered. Not all of you guys read this blog but still.. Big thank yous! Thanks for remembering and loving me the way I am (with all my flaws too). Thanks for making this birthday beautiful.

I'm blessed. Thank you Lord for bringing me gorgeous friends and family-for people who stood by me through the times. For everyone who stood by me despite my decision to continue studying, allowing me to whinge and cry when the tough gets going. Thanks to my partner who love me despite my shortcomings.

Thanks for being you.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday my dearest neice!!
I hope that your life will be filled with fun and happiness.... good health always!!

daphne said...

*big hugs* to irene and hiroshi!! Thanks for your greeting irene!

evan said...

hi daph, happy birthday!!!! *hugs* you're a sweet and pretty gurl!

daphne said...

hey Evan! Thank you. I think u were decieved by the picture. :)

Benji said...

yes.. we all are..

daphne said...

and u r a meanie ben! meanie!

(but i forgive u because u gave me flowers)

Thoughts said...

we defn need to fatten you up! love the top btw n u look great!:)

ur present is still sitting in my room! :P

daphne said...

Thanks V! The top is from "zero". One of the 2 tops that haz sent over from Germany. It's a good cut.

Thoughts said...

well david is convinced that u have an eating disorder!!! because he thinks that i am "chunky" compared to u.... (i suspect the logic part of his brain has died...)

n that judgment was based on the photo i took on my bday! the one with the black dress (which he insists has slimming effects!)

daphne said...

I'm not sure what he based his thoughts about me having an eating disorder on.

In the first place, he shouldnt be comparing us.

No, u r not chunky.

Thoughts said...

i think he's convinced that no one can lose so much weight (prob because he can't! ahahah, not with his fondness for wine n junk food!)

n he apologised abt the thingy he did to me on my bday:P hahaha

hey what is ur schedule like when u get back from sg? i am seriously contemplating flying back to sg via perth. can pop by too.

daphne said...

My schedule...

16th-31th Dec- Singapore
31st Dec- 8th Jan- Malaysia
8th-21st Jan- Singapore.

I hv to bring some of my research work back to do but it 'should' be ok. I won't be bringing any to malaysia though.

Thoughts said...

well hopefully i will be home b4 21st Jan! otherwise i might fly via perth ard last week of Jan hopefully.

let me know if that works?

Thoughts said...

resolving emotional injuries

"forgiveness and letting go were preceded by the arousal and expression of anger and sadness"

Thoughts said...

"forgiveness was preceded by the expression of core personal or interpersonal needs and a shift in the perception of the other"

the latter has occurred; the former hasn't.

daphne said...

I'll be in Perth but my time will be spent mostly at uni of course! LoL. I will start my placement too.

We will figure something out then.


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