Tuesday, December 05, 2006


As some of you will know, that the past week has been quite a 'quiet' week for me. Quiet because I lost my voice to speak. I would utter a few sentences and a coughing spasm will began (and that my voice gets softer and softer). I have no idea where I picked up the virus except that it occurred late last Monday and gradually worsen. After a week, I finally decided to take Mr Ar's advice and stayed home yesterday. It was bliss man. I slept pretty much through the whole day. You have NO idea.. NO idea how sleep is such a beautiful thing until a lack of it occurs. My mother gently reminded me that sometimes, our bodies do not need medication, just sleep to repair itself.

Hence the lack of postings.

I'm feeling better, my voice is stronger. I no longer feel as if I'm shouting with every word I say. The coughing is still here but almost gone. No more headaches. The only problem is that I STILL FEEL LIKE SLEEPING. My eyes and head are saying "no... you slept too much u lazy pig, get UP and do some work!" but my body is saying "go back to sleep, we need more rest!" To please my head, eyes and body, I have decided to do some work and then head for a nap sometime later. See, everyone wins. Nah, it depends on how I feel. Maybe I don't need a nap after all!

I did make some chocolate peanut butter fudge yesterday afternoon- between periods of sleep. Before anyone scream and say "SICK, and u r still eating heaty stuff?", let me clarify... I didnt eat any of it. It's for Christmas. Will post some pictures later if I feel like it.

Also, daylight savings has started in Perth, WA. So it is now 1 hr ahead of Singapore.

Two weeks and I will be back in SiNGaPoRe! I will be lugging some light work to do when I'm back. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends again (more motivation to get well!). To be honest, I can't believe it has been a year.

And I have just ONE more year to go before reaching the never-ending finishing line. After next year, I would have spent 7 years at Murdoch. SEVEN! Am i crazy or something? Whatever it is, it will be the final sprint. FINAL SPRINT.

I'm all for studying again but preferably not at least 2 years after graduating (again..). I have enough of work without pay. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I'm doing, just that u reach a point when u realized-there is more to life than clinical psychology.

There will be. :)

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Thoughts said...

hee, not there will be, but there IS life outside clinical psych!

meanwhile... i am reading this book "the mummy at the dining table" - a collection of therapists' experiences and it's pretty inspiring n cool. i got it on ebay for abt $18 including postage. i think kino in sg has the book but i might be able to finish it b4 my mom goes back to sg. maybe u can grab it off my house to read if u like/or wait for boyce to pass it to u. he's going back end dec though.

meanwhile i am still struggling with the 1st 1/2 of my thesis - 5k lit review; have resorted to not only dividing it into 2 separate chapters but also into 10 different sub sections in each chapter. hopefully it works man

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