Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Unconditional love

Parents have high hopes for their children. From the time when they were infants till adulthood. These hopes never die.

As a clinician-or perhaps to be technically correct, a trainee clinician, I witnessed the pain of parents going through the tough assessment process. Not knowing what exactly is wrong with their child but knowing that something isn't right.

The pain is even more real, when a similar event is happening in your personal life. When the people you love is going through the same process. You see the pain, the grief, the flicker of hope that it may be something else but knowing that it probably isn't.

A friend and a clinician. They know you know. The pulling back. The anxiety in their eyes. The denial, the love, the fear....

A nightmare. A nightmare that I wish.. really wish that it will never happen to anyone that I know. A nightmare is happening to a family that I adore and love.

Prayers are much needed for this family.

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