Monday, June 11, 2007

End of placement

That's it. End of placement. It was a bitter sweet day last week when I farewell the team. On Wednesday, one staff member gave me a huge aloe vera plant!

On Thursday, the team surprised me when I was getting a quick lunch. They gave me orchids and a sweet card! Now, this is quite unusual for a student on placement-at least in my experience anyway. On the other hand, I never quite felt like a student there, I was always part of the team doing something together and was not excluded on any duties (which makes the learning even more enjoyable).

So that's it. Farewell to a fantastic placement.

(ps. lunch with supervisors next week!)


Jackson said...

wowo.. the orkid was very nice!! Bet they will miss u

daphne said...

thanks jackson. The flowers are still alive after 2 weeks!

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