Saturday, June 23, 2007


We went to Wagamama in Subi a couple of weeks ago. A fairly new place,discount from the Entertainment book and one that we passed by pretty frequently persuaded us to walk in there. Cuisine served is obviously Japanese with a good selection of ramen, udon, rice and entrees.

The chicken gyoza was ok. Wasn't anything spectacular. Tasted better.

Wagamama Ramen. I was disappointed with this. "Noodles in a pork and chicken soup with a half boiled egg surrounded by seasonal greens, kamaboko-aka, wakame, prawn, crabstick, chicken slices, fried tofu, menma and spring onions"... The description on the menu sounds good and the picture looked nice but it tasted plain. I added lots of chilli flakes but it still tasted ..... plain ramen?

This surprised us. We didn't think anything much of this after tasting the Wagamama Ramen. The chicken, though abit dry was tasty and the soup base was sweet and lovely. THey even have provided cut chilli.

Overall, it was an ok experience. Might give the rice dishes a go next time (like maybe years later?) hmmmm


Jackson said...

HOnestly, i heard of this brand sometimes ago and my friend siad it was a successful franchise system.. but i didnt know that thier food was bad..

daphne said...

Maybe it was our selection that wasn't ideal. Or perhaps we have tasted other Jap fast food that was wayyyyy better than Wagamama.

I supposed that a successful franchise system does not always mean that their food is great. I still think that McDonald's burgers are average but due to their system,they are selling like hotcakes (pardon the pun).

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