Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pistachio Biscotti

Another recipe from Donna Hay Classics 2. I have always adore pistachio and finally mustered enough encourage (and money) to bake these lovely biscotti. I'm sooo addicted to them. I kept telling myself that they were made without any butter so it is HEALTHY! :P

Using the same recipe base, I also made a cranberry and walnut version. I still prefer the pistachios one though... yes... i'm nuts about nuts.

They are great with a cup of Earl Grey tea or coffee.

Uni is doing ok for me at the moment. Research is like taking a ride on the emotional roller-coaster. Excited when some 'significant' results come true. Sad when you realized the amount of work that still needs to be done. It's all temporary. It will end. *chanting relentlessly to self*

Sometimes, I do not know how did I manage to reach this point in time. I recalled being in first year and wondering if I will ever...ever..reach the end. Now that I have 6+ more months to go, I'm exhausted and wonder if that end will ever come! I know it will, emotionally, it just doesn't feel that way. How am I going to get all the writing done? I have no idea. I just have to keep on writing till it is done. How am I going to find the 15 ppl between the age range of 40s-60s? I don't know but I'm sure God will provide. It's like the biscotti, the biscuit becomes soft when it hits the hot tea... but when you taste it, it's bursting with flavors. So I get teary when something bad happens but I know that when I emerge from the heat, things will go ok. OR AT least I will make it go ok. It's about picking myself up and keep going right?

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Jackson said...

Hey... glad to know that u will b in KL soon! Bring some Pistachio Biscotti for me..hee

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