Friday, August 03, 2007

The Manila Resturant

Last weekend, Mr AR and I head out for lunch to a Philippine theme cafe. We have been exchanging information about cafes and restaurants with another couple after purchasing the entertainment book. This place was their after my hard muscle work with their 3 year old boy (he kept asking me to swing him high!), I declared that i needed a good lunch. ;p

When we arrived, the place was..... really quiet. Seriously! There wasn't anyone there at all for lunch. On the bright side, I wanted somewhere where my mind can catch up with my body, so I didn't mind that at all. Later on, we were told that dinner is their busiest time. On that particular Saturday night, they were expecting 165 diners! Dinner is also the time when they have the buffet and karaoke entertainment.

We had:

Pork Adobo- slow cooked pork with soy, vinegar and a little sugar. It sounded so simple but the pork was very tender and the sauce wasn't overwhelming sour. A warm and heart-warming dish to go with the white rice.

Ginataang Gulay- beans, eggplant, slices of pumpkin slow cooked in coconut gravy. It didnt blow me away but is a well season vege dish. Check out the cute little claypot!

The winner, however was this coconut pie. The pie contained young coconut pieces! *themes of sunny music, beach tunes....* The pastry wasn't too thick but it wasn't crisp on the outside (Which is the way I like my pies) either. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing change from the desserts we usually have. *oops-the red mark on the pie..ermm.. i chomp the cherry before I remembered to take a picture of the pie!*

Oh, coincidentally, I saw a review of the same restaurant in Food pornographer when I came back. Check it out.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I think we will be back for the buffet!


D said...

Hey is this the one that does karaoke too? I think I've seen it a couple of times but never could bring myself to step in haha. Food looks not bad though.

daphne said...

yup! They have karaoke on weekends I believe. I'm not sure if I want to head there during peak time- looks squeezy. Other than that, it's a decent place to try out manila cusine.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh, I didn't know I can use the claypot to serve rice. Great idea! I was thinking to buy one of those that the Chinese restaurant use to serve rice that keeps the rice warm. Now I get to save money since I have a claypot already. Ha!

daphne said...

Hi Little corner!

U r right, the claypot provided good insulation to the rice as well. Not to mention what a great presentation idea it was ;p u have fun with yours! I'm sure it will add another dimension to meal times.

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