Tuesday, August 14, 2007


After a while, you forget how it feels like to have a break. A couple of weekend ago, Mr AR and I packed our bags and head off to York- A historical town with little to do. Even the planning and packing was a terror. "To go or not to go", I kept asking him. "Perhaps it is more productive to stay and do my work", I whined.

When that day arrived, I was eager to get going. He picked me off from work mid day, had lunch and we were off! It an hr off Perth which suits us fine.

That's the house! The GrandhouseIt's a bed and breakfast. Our hosts, Jan and Nigel are really nice people. They house has a lovely feel to it. It has 6 rooms-each room has an en suite.

After arriving, we decided to take a good long stroll to York's town. After walking for 10 mins, we arrived at the Swing bridge which oversees the Avon Ascent River.

Isn't the view beautiful? It felt good admiring God's creation.

That's town. A street. We completed our exploration of the town in 10 minutes! ;p

Boo liao.. but this sign looks interesting! :p

I couldn't resist taking this sign! Murdoch Uni is on South Street ;p but I'm sure it not the South Street in York!

Then we felt like coffee, so we went to a coffee caravan! The drinks isn't fantastic though.

Later that evening, we went to Imperial Hotel for dinner. We heard that the Imperial Hotel went through major renovations recently so it was supposed to be worthwhile heading there for a meal. Unfortunately the we took of their interior are too dark to be posted.

We went straight to the main courses and then a dessert.

Mr Ar's Beer battered fish and chips. It is ok and the fish is quite fresh but not as good as Nicholson's Bar.

Pumpkin ravioli with pesto. The ravioli was delicious but it was waaaayyyy too oily for my liking. I had like maybe.... 10 pieces? Mr Ar finished it for me while I happily tucked into his fish and chips! hahahaah

Rhubarb and blackberry crumble. Now, this is lovely. I don't think anyone can go wrong with a crumble though...

This is their sitting room in The Grandhouse. How cosy it is. The picture is blurry but it's really a nice place.

Look, I even spotted a recipe that I like! Lol.

The fireplace.

ok..fast forward to day 2.

Now, since it is a bed and breakfast, of course they serve breakfast! Mr Ar wanted bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes..

Me- i went for the muesli, yogurt, mango and rhubarb. The homemade jam was good too! I think the left one was orange marmalade and the right one was strawberry.

We opted to have an alfresco breakfast, so we braved the cold and sat outside. The view was lovely.

Following breakfast, we went for a drive. Isn't that beautiful?

We headed to the town again. Went to the old bakehouse that is converted to a showroom for beautiful jarrah furniture.

And then it was our way home! So it was a short trip... but a lovely one. ahhh....


D said...

Wow, York does look like a nice little quaint town. I'm almost ashamed to say that in all my years on living in WA, I've never gone down to York nor Denmark preferring Margaret River as our country getaway (and a good excuse to stock up on wine =D). I'll definitely try to check out York when I'm next back.

Little Corner of Mine said...

How lovely! Hey, any getaway is a getaway for some R&R and you surely got some. The picture of the town looks like a ghost town to me, because there is not one person or car driving by. LOL!

daphne said...

Hi D- It is a quaint little town. I think the median age is 45+! Very quiet. We wanted to head somewhere where I won't be tempted to fill up my day (which is what we usually do when we head down south! lol).

Little Corner- u r not wrong to say it is almost like a ghost town. LOL. Apparently, we went at a 'moderate' season due to some event happening in the next town but if that's moderate, than low means..... no one? =p Having said that it is a historical town, so it will be sad if it shuts down (Which is unlikely i reckon).

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

woah.... SO LO-MAN-TIC!!

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