Thursday, September 20, 2007

1 week

1 week.

Last week this time, we received a call to say that Tino, the beloved dog of the Ratilal family in Malaysia has passed away. He was diagnosed with Autoimmune and finally cancer.

Tino was more than a dog to the Ratilals. Much much more than that.

It was privilege for me to have the chance to spend some time with Tino each time when I head over to KL. Being such a smart dog that Tino was, he remembered me-despite not seeing me for a year or so.

How smart was he, when he sneaked up to Zorro and skilfully picked up the snack that we placed in a toy. Zorro didn't even realised there was a snack! LOL.

What about the times when we placed the "tyre" up the tree and Tino jumped on cue to catch it?

Or the times when he drooled over the window still into the house?

Not forgetting Tino's love for towels.

Tino was a gentle, loving dog. I wish I have more time with him.... but it wasn't meant to be. Despite my limited time with him, I missed him. I really really do. And perhaps, that is why it is so hard for me to write this down. It's like, yup... he is gone for good. Perhaps it is harder for AR, RR and myself as we are not there... needless to say, it is harder for AR's parents who adored Tino. =(

Whatever it is, Tino will always remain in a special place in our hearts.

We love you Tino.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a pet is traumatic.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

It's heart-breaking when a pet departs from us, and you did a great job remembering Tino. He's playing in doggy heaven with my dog now.

daphne said...

Hi Kelly, yeah it is. Last week was horrible for us but we are getting better now. =)

East meets west kitchen- it is. thank you. At least Tino has a mate in heaven now! =)

We are doing ok- but i think i needed to post that up as part of a closure process.

Precious Pea said...

So sad....Tino, rest in peace in doggie heaven.

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