Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jap Theme Dinner

I like noodles.

Whether it is in a soup or it is prepared in a dry fashioned, noodles are versatile and yummy. No matter which culture or country you go to, noodles can be seen there.

I had half a packet of Ramen noodles left and decided to stir fry it with shitake mushrooms. Easy and quick. Stir in some mirin, soya, sugar, salt, garlic, pepper and chopped chilli and it's a meal by itself. I even added an egg for good measure. You can't go wrong with this.

What I really like about a Jap theme dinner is the Miso bean salad. I have to thank AR's cousin-in-law for giving me this recipe (and i tweaked it of course). She made it for a potluck dinner once and I was hooked. In fact, I asked her for the recipe straight away! Then, I brought it to another potluck dinner and I got my good friend who disliked vegetables to finish it!

It's on the saltier side but oh so good to munch. In fact, I think I ate more beans than noodles that night I made this for ourselves. Now that the weather is warmer, this dish is going to reappear again, and again and again for dinner/potluck/bbq.

Miso Bean Salad (serves 2)
3-4 cups of round beans sliced into bite sized
2-3 tablespoons of red miso paste
1-2 tablespoons of sesame seeds
6 tablespoons of mirin
1 tsp of sugar

Boil beans in a bowl of salted water for 4 minutes. Drain.

Meanwhile combine red miso paste, sugar, mirin in a jar. Mix well. Toss beans in miso mixture. Top with sesame seeds.

Serve it warm or cold. Either way, it's good!


InspiredMumof2 said...

I had mushrooms for dinner too. Not sure if we can get the red miso in sg here...will check it out and try your recipe ;-)

Precious Pea said...

Round beans is long beans or french beans? looks more like one of the korean kim chi dish to me though.

daphne said...

inspiredmumof2-hmm.. red miso may be available at jap supermarkets or even at the Jap section of NTUC? I know the one in J8 has...

precious pea-they are also called french beans. =) Thankfully it's not kim chi or anything like that because AR will probably not have dinner with me then! It's also not spicy.

tankiasu said...

Congrats!!!! :D Oh gosh you are one lucky girl it seems. Envious nya.

celine said...

Oooo, I like your stir fried Ramen. I believe the shitake mushroom will bring out the flavour.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Such a healthy dinner! I never know I can use red miso paste as a dressing too! I just bought a big packet of red miso paste, but only know to use it to make miso soup. :P Hmmm...don't have mirin though, any substitute?

daphne said...

tankiasu-thank you!

Celine- yeah! sesame oil and shitake mushrooms goes very well!

littler corner- can can! U can use abit of chicken/vegetable stock or even warm water to dilute the paste abit instead of mirin.

Big Boys Oven said...


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