Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Day 4- Mt Barker and back to Perth

Time flew by. For our last day, we decided to take it easy. We visited a lookout, few wineries and then straight to Perth.

Steps again! I think we did lots of exercise this trip. Good on us! Especially after all the eating during festive season.

Beautiful isn't it? That's Mt Clarence. Historical place where soldiers defended Australia during WWI (or perhaps they were sending out troops..hmm).
Look!! ALBANY!

We headed to Goundrey for a tour of how wine is produced. Unfortunately we didn't have covered shoes so we couldn't do the tour. We tasted some of their wine but it didn't sit well with us. I guess we are casual wine drinkers and prefer something lighter and sweeter.

Next, we went to Plantagenet. Plantagenet was recommended by the folks from Goundrey. Unlike other vendors, where they try to sell you their wine, once this guy realised that our taste buds prefer lighter wines, he recommended us to Plantagenet! True enough, we enjoyed it so much that Ben and AR each bought a bottle of Vin Du Sud-a dessert wine.

Then we took funny shots. Ben said
That's before marriage.

That's the look after marriage. HA!

So that's the summary of our trip. ARGH.. Nine days went by just like that. If I have the chance this afternoon, more food posts will come your way! I have dozens of ideas to share with you.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

hahaha. u guys can be actors lar. :-P

looks like you had a great hols.

daphne said...

lyrical lemongrass- we did!! hehe..took alot of photos lah! it's weird how being relax and with close friends make u do funny things.

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