Friday, January 25, 2008

Steamed Chicken

There are nights when all I want is simple, clean palate tasting food. Nothing fancy. Just a nicely marinated moist steam chicken with rice + veges.

Chinese New Year is approaching again. At around this time, grandma will start preparing food for reunion dinner. She will salt and steam a huge chicken, before freezing it for later use. Saves time she says, when she knows that the chicken is ready for re-heating.

Simplicity is the key to a good steam chicken. I haven't master the art of chopping chicken into even sized pieces, hence I like to keep things simple and use drumsticks.

One thing I learned though, that the meat is far more juicy and moist if steamed with on-the bone. If it is a fillet or cutlet boneless, it's not as moist.

Ah.. what about the gravy! You can't forget the gravy. Sweet goodness from the chicken + marinate. Goes so well with rice, don't you think?

Steamed Chicken (serves 4)
6 chicken drumsticks, skinned
6-7 tablespoons of hua tiao jiu
sesame oil
salt and more salt
several pieces of ginger

Marinate chicken with salt for about 30 minutes. Be quite liberal about it-remember you are not eating the salt, it's just to tenderize + draw out flavor.
Rinse and pat each drumstick with paper towels. Using your hands, coat chicken with the hua tiao jui (a kind of wine), sesame oil, salt and pepper. Arrange on heat proof plate with the sauces. Place slices of ginger over it.

Steam on high for about 15 minutes and lower heat. Continue to simmer for another 15 minutes or so. Switch off the fire and let the chicken stay in its sauna for another 5-10 minutes.
Serve with the gravy + some killer chili sauce. Natural goodness- you can't beat that!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

So healthy. Thanks for the reminder. I think I need to diet. lol.

Cynthia said...

This is simple, tasty and healthy!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I have never steamed a chicken before, I should try this!

Hazza said...

when I first saw the pic, I thought it was two blobs of ice cream! Anyway, it sounds so simple there is no excuse for me not to try this recipe. Thanks for the tip!

Big Boys Oven said...

oh I thought it was ice cream .... oh it's a chicken dish!

bleeding espresso said...

I love simple, tasty dishes too--even better when they're healthy to boot :)

celine said...

Hah, me too. I haven't learn how to chop chicken in a proper way.

bigfish_chin said...

thought is Ice Cream... what a creative shoot!
Marinated with salt... i bet the inner part sure mouth watering!

tigerfish said...

I was looking for chicken rice!
I like simply steamed chicken too. They can be so good!

culinaryprincess said...

Perfect for my diet regime!

daphne said...

lyrical lemongrass- me too!! been feasting too much!

cynthia-hehe.. the gravy isn't really healthy though. LOL

Hazza- that would be my lousy photo taking skills! hehe. hope the tips work for u too.

big boys oven- i need more prac taking photos. hehe

bleeding espresso-thanks for dropping by!

celine- i tried but it looks ...messy!

bigfish chin-creative shot? haha.. drumstick turns ice-cream. so weird :P

tigerfish-yeah! simple can be delish too.

culinary princess- let me join u...

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