Tuesday, February 05, 2008

10 things about Daphne

Inspiredmumof2 tagged me some time ago. =) Finally a chance to do this meme.

1. Daphne loves to :
travel around the world.

2. Daphne hates to:
be followed by impatient drivers behind her.

3. Daphne loves to:
be able to travel back to Singapore more often to spend time with her family and friends.

4. Daphne hates to:
eat in dirty places.

5. Daphne loves to:
go on dates.

6. Daphne hates to:
explain why she can't finish her thesis earlier!

7. Daphne loves to:
indulge in some good shopping now and then.

8. Daphne hates to:
use dirty toilets.

9. Daphne loves to:
cook and bake!

10. Daphne hates to:
say no to her loved ones.

This is quite an easy one to do people! =)
I'm passing this to:

Little Corner of mine
Ben (since u r on holidays...)
Kedai Hamburg
Precious Pea
Chefs gone wild-Zen chef


Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh no, another tagged! LOL! Ok, will do this later.

Peony said...

Happy Lunar New Year !

I wish my girls can cook such lovely dishes like you.

daphne said...

little corner- u can do it! LOL

Peony- that's so sweet of u. i'm sure they will! I'm still experimenting.. haha

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!
You tagged me. Sorry for realizing so late. :-)
I think i can do this. I'll try to come up with something!

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