Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chi Restaurant

(photo taken from Guide)

We stumbled into this place a few years ago, not knowing what to expect. The interior design of the place shouts "modern". Dark furniture, open kitchen concept, dim lights and red walls. Staff wore black and spoke in fluent English AND Cantonese. When dinner arrived, we were surprised by how tasty and authentic the food was.

Going back for lunch on a Saturday afternoon, we were surprised to see the place empty of customers. The dinner crowd previously was huge. Not that I'm complaining since I prefer a slow lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Service was prompt and polite. We quickly ordered our food and it arrived in less than 10 minutes

AR and I knew that they are famous for prawn dumplings noodles soup. This didn't disappoint. The dumplings were filled with prawns and pork and the noodles had a great texture to it. You can't stop once you get started. The noodles were that good that I wonder did they make it themselves?

Since we were sharing, I decided to go with the beef brisket noodles. I took the dry version rather than the wet one. Again, there were no disappointments. In fact, this dish arrived first and both AR and I couldn't keep our chopsticks out of it. The beef was soooo tender! They were rather generous with the portion of beef too. The noodles soaked up all the goodness of the gravy. I would go back again in a flash just to have this beef brisket noodles.

Again, we used our entertainment voucher and received 20% off. Total bill: $12.90. Woohoo! Another bargain lunch at a posh restaurant.

Chi Restaurant
Shop 14
366 Albany Hwy
Vic Park 6100
Phone (08) 9361 0036


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thats such a good deal!..even if u convert back to RM..and u wanted a decent quiet ambience..thats abt how much i would end up paying for 2 plate of noodles..

Precious Pea said...

Whenever Hubby spotted Beef Brisket Noodle in the menu, it's a sure order already. Yumz! I like it with tendon and radish too!

celine said...

Is it a Hong Kong restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Beef brisket noodles dry - My fav!
Look at the chunks of meat..{{HUNGRY}}..-->>runs off to raid the larder.

tigerfish said...

I see that's quite a big plate of beef brisket noodles. And it's really a good deal. I like to use vouchers and coupons too, though I'm already past the student age! :O

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sure looks like a nice ambience restaurant with yummy food! Strange that I haven't seen any beef brisket noodle here.

doggybloggy said...

chocolate cookies, lasagna and delicious know how to live

Kate / Kajal said...

service in 10 mins is brilliant !
place and food looks nice.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hi Daphne, CHI is my favourite lunch hang-out in Perth. Have you met Ian? He's my favourite Restauranteur too, and you can tell him I said so next time you visit.
Sorry I've been busy lately, I have not forgotten you, it's been so hot too, how about coming over to my place instead for that coffee? xo

Sammy said...

Wah, okay I'm gonna try out this place next!

Cynthia said...

Ah, what a bad perception for good- looking restaurants, that is, the assumption that their food might not be so tasty :)

singairishgirl said...

Wow, lovely meal. I bet my sis will appreciate that and the price too!

daphne said...

joe- nothing will beat RM prices though but U do have a point about the ambiance!

precious pea- true!I'm soo craving for that now.

celine-Not sure but the owners might be from Singapore or Hong Kong. Certainly the food is HK style!

pawpaw-the chunks were huge! thank goodness they were tender. Imagine chewing your head off! LOL.

tigerfish-any savings is a good saving!

little corner- is it? how strange! No shops sell it?

doggbloggy-haha. thanks! it is an odd combi huh! LOL.

kate- i know! How surprised we were! but that's a big bonus.

Carol-No! i haven't met Ian! Will certainly tell him that he is your fav restauranteur the next time I see him! It's a great place to enjoy good food. I'm still missing the yam braised pork!

sammy- u hv to! I prefer the east vic park branch than the city one.

cynthia-hehehe.. it's bad of me but it's true.... been to too many "modern" type of places i suppose.

singairishgirl-she will! does she have the entertainment card? even not, it is still reasonable for lunch. A tad expensive for dinner though.

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