Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paddy Malone- Irish Pub Food

We are switching gears totally! Lets turn our attention to Irish pub food (singairishgirl might be able to help me here *wink*). A couple of weeks ago, we decided to head up north to Joondalup to visit a bridal shop (yes, the things my hubs2be do for me). We got hungry halfway through our journey and decided to stop by for some tucker.

And what a find!

Paddy Malone is situated between Corner Reid Promenade and Central Walk. We got lucky as we were there for lunch so it was nice and quiet. The menu offer a decent range of food and we were torn between what to order. Should I have Bangers & Mash or Celtic Chicken? hmmm...

AR's order-O'riely's Ribs AU$23! OH YEAH! Look at that portion peeps! It was HUGE and that was for our lunch. Hickory maple bbq pork ribs served with beer battered chips and garden salad. The meat was tender and off the bone. The beer battered chips were freshly battered (and not those frozen yucky kind). Oh so good. I'm still thinking of this.

My order- Beef n Guinness Pie AU$19.50. I decided that since we are in an Irish pub, I might as well order what they are famous for right? Underneath that crispy secret were tender chunks of beef, mushrooms and a rich Guinness sauce. I'm getting picky here but it was towards the saltier side. You get a choice for your side dish, either vegetables potatoes or chips. Needless to say, I took vegetables and potatoes of course. The were steamed. Nothing special but a good match to a heavy tasting dish like this.

Did we finish all the food? No we couldn't. We tried real hard though. AR did finish my pie and most of the pork ribs but we struggled with the salad and generous amount of chips. If we were to go again, the portion of pork ribs + a side dish should suffice.

The best part? We used our entertainment voucher for this. It was a buy one main meal get one free. Hence we paid AU$23 for our meal. A bargain + a good meal!

We were told that they have Irish music every Wednesday and Sunday nights. On Wednesday, they offer a Irish Buffet (what's that?) for $24.50. They also have other specials such as a Pie and Pint for $16 on Mondays and Curry in a hurry $16 on Tuesdays.

Paddy Malones
Corner Reid Promenade and Central Walk


singairishgirl said...

What am I to help you with? :P I am not familiar with Irish food. MIL doesn't cook much and it's usually just a roast meat, soggy veg and a spud, baked or mashed. That's about all the Irish food I know. Even my hubby when he first came here and visited a pub and we were given samples of the guinness stew, he was surprised that there was such a dish! So there. So much for an Irishman. Well, if it's not the above-mentioned food, we have Chinese takeout and MIL loves the satay chicken which tastes nothing like satay chicken, or else is sandwiches.

Little Corner of Mine said...

The food sure look delicious. The buy one gets one free voucher sures made this a great bargain.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

those were the days when i struggle to finish meals (yes i do) in australia..stuffin my face n stomach to the guiness to wash it all off?

evan said...

yum, the food looks really good!! but i think food in OZ arent very cheap hor? its restaurant prices here! i been to this irish pub called muddy murphys @ delfi orchard. the food's quite good but im sure the portion's not as big as what u had :p

p/s : u r such a good cook. would love to taste your cooking someday!

daphne said...

singairishgirl-that's quite funny. It's like here in Australia, they have Singapore fried noodles but we dont have that over in SG do we?

Little corner- yes! Felt bad for wasting food though.

Joe- No guiness..afternoon time so we decided against it.

Evan- It's sooo expensive! We eat out rarely and even when we do, we try making use of the vouchers. I wouldn't say my cooking is good, I have quite alot of off-days. Too bad hte kitchen is off limits to me in SG if not I would invite you over for a meal! =)

mamabliss said...

ooh wow all these food is making me salivate... :)

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