Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Holiday Post

It's day 4 of my holiday and I'm in bliss. Sleep, hugs and food does wonders to one's mood.
Departing Perth. See that smile!

8 hours later (5 hours flight + 1 hr of sleep + 2 hours of catching up with mum)...

We arrived at Bishan Junction 8 food court.
My Yong Tou Fu order. I have been craving for FRESH YTF for a long time. Especially staring at flogger's blogs on YTF! I had mine dry with lots of yellow beans, chili and sweet sauce. NICE! S$5-what a bargain for 10 pieces (I regretted ordering the noodles. I was so full just by eating YTF).

AR's Laksa YTF. The gravy was sooo good that I haven't seen him slurping up that bowl so quickly! See the before and after look:
Give that man a bowl of laksa YTF and sugar cane juice and look at that grin!

Yong Tou Fu
Junction 8
Food Court
4th Level


Armand said...

Seriously, this is why Singapore is a food paradise. Good food, anytime, anywhere. What a difference 5 hrs flight makes. The Yong Tau Foo was just excellent, the way I like it :)

tigerfish said...

I keep thinking I'll only see some updates here 1-2 days later but I forgot it's only 5 hours flight! :O

Gosh, I have to bear with 12+ hrs of flight every time from California back to SG!

Little Corner of Mine said...

His happy face speaks it all!

Welcome to Singapore and enjoy all the delicious food while you can!

Hazza said...

I know the exact feeling of how it feels to arrive home after a long time away. It is so relaxing and you seem to have a care in the world and just eat shop and sleep to your hearts content!

daphne said...

armand- yum

tigerfish- oh wow..that's such a long flight!! how do u take it?

little corner- to u too!

hazza- thanks!

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