Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lean Mean Bean Fettucine

Woah! I wonder what was I thinking when I came out with that name for this dish. Certainly, it's lean but mean.. hmm..well, I dont think beans make us mean, aren't they suppose to be good for our digestive system?

I have started to experiment with butter beans a little. I love them in soups but thought I could experiment and pop them in a pasta dish. The result was gorgeous, as the texture of the butter beans went well with fettucine, lean bacon and mushrooms.

Lean Mean Bean Fettucine (serves 4)
250 grams of fettucine or half a packet
1 can of butter beans, well drained
150 grams of lean bacon diced
2 cups of chopped buttom mushrooms
1 tablespoon of garlic
1/4 cup of olive oil

1) Cook pasta till al dente.

2) Fry bacon till slightly crisp. Drain on paper towels. Heat olive oil up. Fry garlic till fragrant. Add butter beans and cook till they turn slightly brown. Include in the mushrooms. Cook for around 5 minutes till soft.

3) Add bacon in and toss it well. Taste the mixture. If it appears too dry, add a little more olive oil and season as required. Add pasta and toss well.

4) Serve with some cracked pepper.

I'm serving this up for Pasta Presto Nights. This week's host is Katie from Thyme For Cooking.

On another note.. look what I recieved from Foodbuzz! (I recieved that over a month ago...)

A summer tote bag with badges on and packet of Moo cards! What a treat. =)


Kenny Mah said...

Lean Mean Bean indeed... They say beans cause flatulence which may account for the mean part as everyone runs away? LOL

And if it encourages the bowel movements enough, that takes care of the lean part too as one achieves "natural" weight loss... :P

Little Inbox said...

Oh I see, just wondering what is the dish of the day...

noobcook said...

The title sure caught my attention! =D I think it's so healthy, you'll become lean after eating it, and all the mean people will not dare to bully you *sorry 4 the lameness* :P

I just wrote a post about the fb tote bag n cards at my blog too! :D

tigerfish said...

I like the name-Lean Mean Bean....
You are not mean, I'm sure :P

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha...eye catching title huh? Glad that you received the treats from FoodBuzz too!

Christo Gonzales said...

nice dish.....but that thosai and curry has been on my mind....

wmw said... onto another "noodle" post. I just love 'em noodles!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Hi Daphne, mean coz bean makes u fart. lol.

so, have u been going around using the summer tote bag fr FB? i kno i have. so kiasu. lol.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mean beans..inspired from mean girls ar??..

yeah heard abt healthy beans..but i only have been seeing canned beans..cant b that healthy rite?

daphne said...

Life for beginners- hehe. looks like the blame is on the bean.

little inbox-i like the sound of that. "Dish of the day"

noobcook-your write up is fab! and u r witty.

tigerfish-i hope not!

littlecorner-they are so much fun!

doggybloggy-make some soon? =)

wmw-me too!

salt & Tumeric- i have!! the bag is so cool! Although it is winter here! LOL

joe- I think canned baked beans r suppose to be good for us too.. no?

Katie Zeller said...

The name made me smile - reminded me of a friend whose nickname was "Mean Mary Jeanne" (she wasn't mean, either)
Love the butter beans - or any bean with pasta!

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