Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smoked Salmon Toastie

One of life little's luxury: Smoked Salmon. As we were on a really tight budget beforehand, smoked salmon stayed out of our grocery basket till recently. Even so, I relish every bite. It's funny how you cherish food or items so much more when you haven't tasted any for some time. Well, in this case, this particular smoked salmon toastie tasted even better.

I kept it simple. Fresh bread and cream cheese + smoked salmon. Paired with some chips..a light green salad, it's simple food to the finest.

Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Toastie
100 grams of smoked salmon
2 fresh turkish bread pockets
2 tablespoon of cream cheese spread

Slice bread horizontally. Spread cream cheese and then place smoked salmon on it. Toast bread for few minutes.

Serve with hot chips and salad.

Ps- alternatively, avocado and smoked salmon, or even mushroom pate (or spread) + smoked salmon and spinach leaves is another combi that I love!


Little Corner of Mine said...

Quick and easy meal for you ya! I still don't know how to appreciate smoked salmon. :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

my luxury too!!!

100 gms on 1 sandwich? thats generous..

yeah avocado is something that goes oh so well with smoked salmon..

Mochachocolata Rita said...

oh my god....i am sorry...but i think smoked salmon and me must have been biggest enemies in our previous life...i can't stand it...maybe i can replace this with grilled salmon, ya? hehe

mikky said...

wow... the toastie looks so delicious... :)

daphne said...

oh little corner, u hv to try it!

joe-it's 2 pockets so 2 sandwiches, with each sandwich cut into half =) hehe...the more the better I say!

Mocha-hehee.. grilled salmon will be great too I think!


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