Thursday, December 03, 2009

Apple Banana Nutty Parcels

So I made the baklava fingers and actually have 2 pieces of filo pastry left. Not wanting to put it back in the fridge and not having much of the nut mixture left. I cut up a small apple and mashed a banana, sprinkle the nuts, rolled it up and popped it into the oven. Surprise surprise, a quick but lovely dessert was formed.

Apple Banana Nutty Parcels
2 pieces of Filo Pastry
1 chopped up appple
1 mashed up banana
 handful of your favourite nuts
1 tsp of brown sugar

Brush melted spread between the pieces of filo. Wrap apple, banana and nuts up with some brown sugar up. Bake in 180 C degrees for around 20 minutes. Sprinkle some icing sugar on it. Serve warm.


Skinnymum said...

i am sooooo envious of your creativity. you always seemed to come up with yummy delish "leftover combos" from thin air .....

Little Corner of Mine said...

How interesting! I would have not thought of mixing apple and banana together.

noobcook said...

U really make baking look easy! Gonna try this out if I can find filo pastry over here ;)

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