Friday, June 04, 2010

Chicken Oyakodon

So sometimes, I get into the habit of experimenting with dishes in the kitchen that we have tried in various places. You would have think that there will be a stopping point, but noooo, I don't think there ever will be. So much to learn, so much to see.

Chicken Oyakodon is pretty much chicken and egg in a bowl of rice. I learned that the Japanese added flavour to the egg mixture by using dashi stock. Of course, there are the usual things like Mirin and Soya Sauce but it is really the dashi that makes this work.

I was also surprised to know that this isn't a very difficult dish. I guess I shouldn't be because the Jap are known for making simple great. And this is what it is- a simple rice bowl that tastes great.

Chicken Oyakodon  
500 grams chicken thigh fillets
around 1 cup of water boiled with dashi powder, mirin and soya added to it.
1 onion chopped- I used red onion
1/4 cup of mirin
2-3 tablespoon of soya sauce
5 eggs

Cook onion till soft. Remove and set aside. Saute chicken till done. Add onions, and stock mixture. Add beaten eggs to the mixture. Cook till it sets lightly and turn off heat. Serve with rice and veges.


petrina said...

i don't normally eat chicken oyakodon but this looks yummy!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Never try this before but looks really simple to make.

noobcook said...

good idea to add dashi to the egg for more flavour. The egg is usually my fave part in a Japanese don.

Kevin said...

Oyakodon is always nice and quick and easy and yet so tasty and good!

tigerfish said...

Like noobcook, I usually order don because I have the urge to have some creamy egg on rice :)

daphne said...

petrina- thanks babe!

Little Corner- it is!=)

Noobcook- I know! I love their eggy flavour.

Kevin- yeah! U did a great job of it Kelvin.

Tigerfish- awww.. yes, I like the beef version toon.

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