Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Onion and Prawn Omelette

One of my favourite ingredients of all time is egg. It is so versatile and one can baked, steam, fry, poach,scrambled them into something amazing. Not to mention, it isn't too expensive (or at least not yet!).

I sauté some red onion ( onion omelette-but that's another post!) with prawns. Added a few drops of fish sauce and sprinkle of sugar. Pour in the eggs and I thought "this will be ok for dinner", try to flip it and ..

ARGH... my flipping woes are sooo not over yet. (See my adventures over here and here)

Oh well, at least it did set ok... ;p

Red Onion and Prawn Omelette 
1 red onion sliced
4 eggs beaten with around 1/4 cup of milk
around 100-200 grams of shelled prawns
1 tsp of fish sauce
sprinkle of sugar
white pepper

Sauté onion, add prawns. Once it is cooked, add fish sauce and sugar. Add eggs, waiting for it to set for around 3 minutes or so. Try flipping or folding it into halves. Serve with rice and veges.


SIG said...

Delicious! I love prawny stuff. :D

tigerfish said...

But that is real food...never mind that it is not perfectly flipped as long as it is delicious. I enjoy cooking with eggs too - very versatile.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Shrimps and eggs pair well together, don't worry about flipping, like Tigerfish said, as long as it's delicious. :)

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