Sunday, October 31, 2004

the day

yes ppl. i'm 21.

of coz, as a friend pointed out.. i hv been 21 ages ago anyway. wahahahah..

the day started with ruthie giving me a phone call jus after midnight...of coz singing as i pick up the phone. d who called 1.5 hrs later.... both of u made me smile when i wake up in the morning.. chessy. but er.true

went to work.. kids were good... Biff- a dad commented that i look better..more relieved.. oops. didnt know i was looking so tense. all the sessions went well.

came back home..and then..we were off to the strawberry farm. ah. :) after picking strawberries.. of coz.. i proceed to go on a date with 3 guys. wahaha. *roll eyes*

dinner was at Havest- small place in fremantle. Good ambience, good company. good food.what else can a gal ask for? lots of fun n laughter.. :)

back at home.. we had cake.. (yes! they remembered this yeaR!!!!) and oh man. the boys gave me heaps of presents.. all abt... cocktails. haha. corktail shaker, manhatten glasses,..and even a chiller.. they thought abt everything. and of coz...alan must present me with somthing of a duck nature.. *roll eyes*

overall. memorable. small. but the way i like it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, girl..I'm grateful that I dropped by today...or I would have missed your great day!!
Happy 21st girl..even though it maybe too late...Mu..ah....kisses and hugs!!
Jennifer from HK ^.*

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