Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank you for being my friend!

Little corner presented this little gift of "thank you for being my friend award". In this big big world, technology has helped brought so many like-minded people together. I started blogging during my Honours year in 2004 and only moved to food blogging mid this year. During this period of time, It's a privilege to be in contact with great with the following bloggers and friends who supported and provided valuable tips/suggestions. Thank you for supporting and posting your kind words! If there are any silent readers out there- thanks for dropping by to grab a slice of my baking/cooking ramblings!

Little Corner (back to u again dearie!)
Evan's Kitchen Ramblings
Yummies Dummies
Babe in the City
The food pornographer
Eat first think later
Living in food heaven-Jackson
Masak Masak- Boolicious
A whiff of lemongrass
Kelly the Culinarian
Joe lots of cravings
East meets west kitchen
Big boys oven
Oh for the love of food-Carol
Daily affairs- Singairishgirl
Celine's blog

To my beloved friends

singing "pass it on, pass it on ..pass it pass it pass it on.."
Ps-can u guess what song is this?


SIG said...

Thanks for this recipe. WIll try it soon when I have some free time. I just made some peanut butter double choc, but somehow it didn't turn out looking like those I saw in milk n cookies' blog. But they were yum. Just like you said, can't stop at one.

Lady Gargle said...

Oh my I'm honoured! *beaming*

HUGS! :)

I shall pass it on.

Thanks Daphne for all those yummy recipes and for making my cooking a very enjoyable experience :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Daphne.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Yeah, technology has certainly made the world a lot smaller. :-) Thanks. :-)

tigerfish said...

It's great to know you too! And thank you for being my friend.

Little Corner of Mine said...

You're welcome and thank you for passing it back to me. :)

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