Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Slow Roasted Saffron Briyani with Butter Cashews and Mango Spiced Chicken

When Dee from Choos and Chews featured Slow Roasted Saffron Briyani with Butter Cashews on her blog a few months ago, I couldn't help but bookmarked her recipe. The last time I made Briyani was for Babe_KL Merdeka event, which was 1 year ago!

At the supermarket, my eyes spotted a packet of "mango spiced seasoning" by Pattaks and I instantly thought that it would go well with Briyani. True enough, it did.

I absolutely adore this Briyani recipe. This was also the first time I experimented with saffron-the most expensive spice on earth. It was worth every cent as the rice was fragrant and full of flavour. The butter cashews were a lovely added touch too.

Yum! I think briyani photograph well. Don't you think?

I hope Dee don't mind but I have adapted her recipe a little. Do remember to hop over her blog to have a look at her recipe as well.

Dee's Slow Roasted Saffron Briyani with Butter Cashews (Serves 4)
1 tablespoon of butter
2 cinnamon bark
1 tsp saffron infused with water
1 tsp of tumeric powder
3-4 cardamons (bruised)
1 red onion finely chopped
3-4 tsp of raisins pumped by with hot water

2 cups of basmatic rice
2 cups of chicken stock

1 tsp of butter
cashew nuts

1) Melt butter. Saute cinnamon, tumeric powder, cardamons and red onions. Add rice and toss though. Take in the smell! Add raisns and saffron infusion. Mix well with stock. Cover and cook for around 15-20 minutes or so. Open the lid and cook for additional 5 minutes.

2) Meanwhile, melt butter in a small pan. Saute cashew nuts.

Serve with love.


Dee said...

Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you like it.

Hey, how did you use the mango spiced seasoning for your chicken? Looks great! Hope you post that recipe next. Please :)

Dee said...

Daphne, I think there might be a problem with the link to the recipe. I do it all the time with blogger :)

daphne said...

oh dee! I'm so sorry. Link fixed =) Thanks for sharing babe! We loved it! and there isn't much of a recipe for the chicken I'm afraid.. I will hunt down the ingredients on the packet next time round. =)

tigerfish said...

I love briyani! Need to have my fix soon! You just tempted me :P

Unknown said...

hey, another great looking dish... looks like you were truly inspired by Dee... :)

Anonymous said...

I love almost anything with saffron -- this looks gorgeous!

Noob Cook said...

Yes, the briyani photo is gorgeous :) woah, the saffron adds a precious touch to this dish :D

CECIL said...

I just made similar dish on the same night too! That's just wild. Looks so yummy! I love saffron.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love briyani too and yours look delicious and the chicken look moist.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Saffron is a great spice to add to rice or in fish stocks. How much did your saffron cost you in Perth?

Kenny Mah said...

Oooh... saffron. I remember my Italian friend teaching me how to use them, every strand so precious... but the flavours and colour? Amazing.

SIG said...

Wow, I would love that. It looks easy enough.

Beachlover said...

your bryani rice look so good!!.Now you make me drooling.I dunno why I never attemp to make any Indian dish except curry.hmmmm must try this soon!!

Chibog in Chief said...

Oh Daphne you just made my day! Everything on this plate is beautiful: mango with chicken and basmati rice with saffron and cashew nuts..yay!! this is so succulent!

Jin Hooi said...

Hi Daphne, this looks delicious!! I love briyani

Aimei said...

This looks yummy!

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