Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thai Inspired Spicy Noodle Salad

I'm backkkk! The highlight of the trip is of course being part of the bridal party of my best friend's wedding. My gorgeous friend is married!! All those primary and secondary school days memories flooded back as I watched her walk down the aisle. She was brave, she allocated the task of being an emcee in her dinner banquet. I was emotional, as I saw those photos in Peg's childhood slideshow, it struck me how much we have grown (alas, not in height, I meant wisdom and age....).I recall those study days, sleep overs, singing KTV none stop for 6 hrs. Ah... and now both of us are married.

Congratulations Rane and Peggy! 

Before I left for Singapore, hubby and I were invited to a last minute pot luck gathering. I arrived home from work at 6pm and was ready to leave home with our dish by 6:35pm. Glad I did bring something because turned out that everyone brought either pizza or kfc-neither dishes would have sat well with my stomach (or weight!).

This dish isn't anything fancy. In fact, I was trying to do a salad but everyone at the gathering thought it was a stir fry noodle dish. Oops. I didn't even correct them! I just smile and nod.Oh well, they finished the bowl which is the main thing.

I was trying to be real quick and cooked some pork mince with chili, fish sauce, sugar and soy. The result was a tangy mixture! I tossed it through some mung bean vermicelli. However, I did a taste test then, and it was blend. So I mixed some lemon juice, fish sauce, sugar and some stock in a jar. Stir it, pour it over the noodles, toss, added some fried shallots and viola, it tasted much better then!

So I'm still not sure if this is a salad? or?? Can someone suggest a new name perhaps? Whatever it was, it was quick, easy and beats fast food any day.

Thai Inspired Spicy Noodle Salad (Serves a party of 8-10 people or feeds 4-5 for a meal)
300 grams of pork mince
around 100 grams roast pork (left overs)
1 tablespoon of garlic 
1 cup of snow peas peeled
2 carrot shredded
2-3 sprigs of spring onions chopped
1 red chili chopped

2 tablespoons of fish sauce
1 tsp sugar
2 tablespoon of soya sauce
1 tablespoon of plum sauce 
1/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of lemon juice
2 tsp of fish sauce
1/2 tsp of sugar

1 medium bunch of mung bean vermicelli quickly blanched with hot water and drained. Mean while, saute garlic and chili and add pork mince and cook till it is done. Pour all sauces, water and sugar over the mixture. Simmer. Add veges. Cook for 1 min. Pour mixture to noodles and toss. Do a taste test and adjust "dressing". Pour dressing over it. Serve with some fried shallots.



Charmaine said...

Looks delicious. Going to give it a go. Salads like these are great for summer.

Little Inbox said...

Your quick meal inspired me.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks yummy to me!

Babe_KL said...

Wishing you and your family a splendid year ahead with good tidings coming your way. Happy New Year!

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