Monday, January 24, 2011

Lamb Curry- First Take

One of my New Year's resolutions is to cook curry from scratch. I have been told that it is really not rocket science, just patience and good taste buds to do taste testing.

Having tasted mutton curry made with love by my Auntie in law (Is that such a term?), I plucked u the courage to request for the recipe. She was generous and proceeded to take out her little black book filled with hand written recipes and handed it to me. I took out my iphone and quickly typed the recipe in.

Coming back to Perth, I told myself that I have to try it quickly since if i leave it a side, it will become "the recipe that i said i will try but it's still sitting there". Plucking up my courage, I told granny that I would like to have a go on a Saturday evening. (Since returning to Perth, the kitchen is my granny's playground! I have to ask permission to use it!)

Given that I do not have access to the kitchen as much, I planned and plotted. And guess what? My vege store RAN OUT OF CURRY LEAF and ginger was costing AU$38 a kg at Woolworths. WHY WHY WHY WHY. No fear, I decided to give it a go anyway and see how it pans out.

Next mistake, the recipe calls for 2 tsp of chili powder, I put 1/2 knowing that the chili powder I have on hand is potent. Yup, it was super potent that my poor granny couldn't take more than 2 mouthfuls of it. Next time, It's a sprinkle or a pinch.

Well, at least i gave it a go. It was still good. Just that I think curry leaves and ginger would have make a huge difference to the fragrance. I saw curry leaves in stock last week, I decided to store it in the freezer for one of those weekends that I can make another batch of Lamb Curry.

Lamb Curry
1kg of Lamb or Mutton
2 medium onions
4 springs of curry leaves
4 cm of cinnamon stick
2 star anise
6 cloves
2 cardamons
1 cm ginger
blend together 3 cloves of garlic, 1 big onion
2 tbsp of meat curry powder
sprinkle of chili powder-TASTE TEST!!
salt to taste.
2 potatoes in cubes
Coriander to garnish.

Boil lamb with sliced onions with just enough water to cover meat (approx 30 to 45 mins)

Heat some oil, add cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise, cardamon and curry leaves. Stir till u can smell it! Then add blended ingredients.
Fry mixture till brown and fragrant. Add curry and chili powder. Add in cooked meat with the remaining liquid and potatoes. Season. Simmer till it's slightly thicker.



celine said...

i DREAM to cook curry from scratch one day too :) the girls and DH love lamb and mutton curry with bread alot. i pay a bomb for them from the "mamak" stalls.

lena said...

i dont eat mutton but i know this will go nice with pork too, very appetising and i probably will add in more chilli and curry powder..just love that!

Unknown said...

I really should try making curry from scratch. I've been spoilt by Indofood spice packs. Oppps. Kudos for making yours, daph!

Noob Cook said...

looks so good! lazy me always use curry mix but nothing beats made from scratch like yours :)

tigerfish said...

I love adding curry powder to most of my dishes - is adding curry powder (with a blend of spices) considered cooking curry from scratch? hehehhehe

Little Inbox said...

The fresh curry paste is so convenient to get here, so I always rely on that. Haha...

Quay Po Cooks said...

There is a store in the wet market that sells very good curry paste so I never bother to make from scratch but I agree it would be better to do so. Good job daph.

daphne said...

Celine- Exactly! Most of the time, we wait till we head back to KL ;) or else pay AU$10 for curry and rice...

lena- yeah! just taste the curry powder and chili before u add it. Mine was potent. Seriously potent...

rita- I'm a packet girl too!!! But just thought i have to brave it and do it! ;P

Noobcook- hahaha.. i think for this round, packet might be better. LOL but the taste is there just need to refine it further.

tigerfish- hehehe, i think adding curry powder to anything resembles a curry ;P

little inbox- I'm envious!!!!!

Quay Po Cook- Yeah, we have packets but not the freshly made ones. I missed the ones my MIL and grandma used to make.. i used to bring them back to Perth but now it is not allowed.

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