Sunday, May 01, 2011

Filling the Gaps

It seems like yesterday when we became a couple. Then we got engaged, married...and a blink of an eye, it has been two years.

The first year, it was a year of discovery. A steep learning curve where we learned how to live with each other. To communicate, to put us first when making decisions. It was bitter sweet.

The second year though, I'm learning how to relax. I'm slowly realising that God gave us different gifts for a reason. For example, he knows that I become anxious when it comes to household finances, so He sent you to calm me down and take control in that department. Oh, and He knows that I need someone to wake me up in the morning, keep warm when it's winter and wave your magic wand with excel file sheets (and all IT related situations).  Funny enough, you need me to provide you alternative perspectives, organise meals, connect with others and remember things (e.g. birthdays, things,..). 

 We are so different individuals. I like decisions to be made fast. You like to ponder. I'm anxious. You are calm. I grew up in a traditional Cantonese household. You grew up in a family rich in different cultures. I enjoy cooking in the kitchen. You prefer eating instead. I like the produce of the garden. You do the gardening. You literally planned all the electrical and data points of our future home. I prefer to look at the general layout, and how we are going to live there. I love eggplant. You want bittergourd.

And how we fight. Not in a bad way, but because we are different, we clash at times. Interestingly, it's never the big issues that we clash. It's the smaller, minute, day to day stuff. Like what time we are heading out to breakfast. Or whether or not we are heading out to groceries in the morning or afternoon. Those silly stuff that does not matter in the end. But I'm learning.

I'm learning that.. I have gaps. You have gaps. together we fill gaps.

At first these gaps were disturbing. You were quicker than me to accept that. I was perplexed and wondered how can we be so different? I had to resist the urge to impose me on you. 

I went back to our vows. And there it was. Would you believe it? We wrote our vows to complement each other. You said you will be the one to calm me down, to hold me... I said that I will fill you up, work together and encourage you regardless.

And because we fill each other gaps, we vowed to "Accomplish more than we ever could alone."

God Almighty is amazing. He said it in Genesis 2:18. It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.

And he gave me the privilege to do so.

I pray and hope that in the next year. I will have a thankful heart to appreciate and accept these differences.

To my dear husband. Happy 2 Year Anniversary.... and many more to come.



Joanne said...

This post was so incredibly beautiful, Daphne! Happy anniversary and here's to many many more!

SIG said...

Happy happy anniversary Daphne and AR. Many more to come!

lena said...

this is so sweet!! daphne, it's also amazing that sometimes when we see people of 2 different characters living happily to the end..hmm, isnt that like the postive and negative electrons of a bar of magnets that sticks on tightly together? wishing you and your hubby a wonderful life together!

Little Corner of Mine said...

That's beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you two! :)

Kitchen Belleicious said...

AMEN Daphne! Our God knew exactly who to pair you with didn't he! So happy for you and your hubby and this post was so beautiful- speaking of beautiful- you are one gorgeous girl! So glad I have gotten to know you recently! Have a great day!


tigerfish said...

Happy Anniversary! Good that you still write each other "love poems" to appreciate each other ;p

daphne said...

thanks ladies ;)

culinaryprincess said...

happy anniversary daphne.Your post is soo true. im in my first year of marriage and going through exactly what you have written :)

daphne said...

Oh Culinary princess! U are back!!! Congrats on getting married!! ;)

Babe_KL said...

Gee, I'm so sorry that I'm so behind in wishing both of you a very happy anniversary. I was so busy that I don't have time to catch up reading up blogs until now that I've finish teach 2 cooking classes (my first!) and there's one more to go tomorrow :p

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