Love and Home

I count my blessings to be able to find a partner for life. Hubby and I met through friends. After being in the same social circle for around 4 years, we began dating and a few years later, decided to get married. Marriage, I realised, is a daily choice. A choice of love, forgiveness, giving and receiving. I'm keeping this spot to remind me of the lessons that marriage gives-and to never take it for granted. 

Our Engagement 
Engagement Night
Engagement Party

Read about our Weddings here: 
Our ROM wedding Day in Perth and Photos
Our Singapore Wedding
Our KL Wedding

Our Honeymoon 
LA and NYC 2012

Thoughts on Marriage 
Our One Year Anniversary
Picnic and Marriage
Marriage and Gifts
Valentine's Day and Love
Our Second Year Anniversary-Filling the Gaps
Words in a Marriage- 3rd Anniversary 
Happy 4th Year Anniversary- A reflection on time
Our 5th Year- Extension of Time

Our Home 
Reflections of 2012 
Our New Kitchen 
Reflections of 2013

Baby oh Baby 
Baby News
Weight and Baby
Birth Story of Asher 
The Aftermath of Delivery 
My Experience of Confinement 
Asher's Full Moon Celebration 

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