Wednesday, October 13, 2004

down n up down n up

feeling extremely anti-social. thoughts running through my head. Trying to write ..

telling myself. jus a little more to go.

what do i crave for now? my best friends with me. to hear their voice. to see my gran. to cuddle someone. to read-anything but piaget, kamiloff-smith, halford, raven's, siegler's, inhibition...

actually i dont mind these theories.ha. jus sick of them for the moment.

i'm such a baby at times. ha.

as usual, i hv great hsemates.what can i say? i was feeling extremely tired this afternoon ..and decided to cook some noodles.. and silly me, i was so engrossed in typing, i forgot the water that was left boiling in the stove. Thankfully jackson saw it in time.. and even 'ordered' me to stay in my rm while he cook the noodles + egg for me. how sweet is that? well..seeing that he cooked for me.. i finished it. (even though i really hv no appetite..haha).

i promise i will make it up for u guys... =)

haven stepped outside the hse for a while now. isnt it amazing?

*muacks..thanks for the support u ppl give me...*

i will do my best.

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