Tuesday, October 12, 2004


well, i hv 2 weeks. .or less actually before the actual thing is due. .which basically means i hv to finish it by this coming weekend.

heres the deal.. vel and i decided that by hook or by crook..we finish by early friday morning.. go to unit to print.. or we go snap.. to bind as well as print? maybe..and then.. we go hv breaki..and head home to hit the bed. sounds good? now. .is jus the FINISHING THE THING that matters..

anyway, just now for dinner.. there were only armand n i myself. .so ..we decided to go for a 'candlelight' dinner theme. Jus me n him.. making LEAN cuisine.. sitting in the living room, eating by a tealight and watching everybody loves raymond... perfect date huh? :p mock date though.. hahha..

But that was fun.. thanks armand. =)

well.. i'm more encouraged today. With benji's, don's, alan's, armand's n daniel's, ruth's, peg's, vel's words of encouragement.. wow.. haha.. ppl that support u in times like this huh?

BACK to work. =)

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