Monday, October 11, 2004


i did some cooking today! yea.. sausage n mushroom risotto. poor hsemates, i dont think i was thinking much when i was cooking. frankly speaking, i was jus eating for the sake of eating... so even i, wasnt sure if it is nice or not.

i wanted so badly to continue writing. I actually FINALLY have a plan in my head. yeah. And it seems logical... so far. I just need to get writing.

For some reason, my head hurts badly. Last night, i felt sick jus staring at the screen. I truely hate the heart pounding feeling as well. It remains a mystery, if u feel bad first therefore physio response or physio response making u feel bad.

Anyway, i couldnt sleep well last night. I feel that i got surface sleep. Got weird dreams again.

So i tried to take a nap.. and oh man. i can hear all sort of noises. From jackson's voice to the rain outside to WHATEVER noise u can actually hear... my head was pounding. I was a very unhappy girl.. haha

I gave up writing. really. jus on my bed.. finally i think i doze of. so i feel better now. phew.

of all things. .a friend was asking me abt Working memory last night. it brought back my own nightmares when Helen and Lawrence gave me contradicting answers abt WM. *shudder*

i sleep with papers n books. Chee said i am naughty.. hving a threesome with paper AND books. HA.

y oh y am i in hons?

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