Saturday, October 30, 2004


impossible. velda got me a little excited abt sunday.. not becoz it's my birthday but becoz she..together with chris and jj got me a dress!?!?!

knee length.. halter neck.. t jackson actually LIKING the dress and say it is NICE.. wow.. hahaha.. now, to see armand's white! WHITE?!?! i have never wore white before.... in a dress anyway. ok. now. i need to find shoes!!!?!! argh. and i thought it is jus a simple dinner.... Lol. no vel. i like the dress.. really... and to geresponse.. .. wahahhaa..

apparently.. it's very chanel like type.. wooo.. my kind ya? but i will still prefer the dress to be in black. :p jus me.. i know.. ok.fine. ok ok. i can actaully feel's velda's 'u need to show it off'
n the 'white makes u stand out' vibe....

thnxs ppl.

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Thoughts said...

Hey Daf,

Advice of Cosmo;

The sexiest dress for your sexy body: Shopping for the perfect party dress? Then choose the perfect shape for your body ...

* If you’re curvy, don’t hide your curves away in a dowdy dress. Flaunt your sexy shape in a formfitting dress with flattering details. Try a shorter length and V-neck to balance your curves.

and trust me! I only saw it today (after buying the dress for you!) n u look great in the dress! btw, chee n meien has a share in the dress too!

u didn't document Armand's response to the dress!

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