Friday, October 29, 2004


Fell asleep watching SVU.... got weird dreams again. Those.. limbo sort of dreams. i can feel the rushness.. feel the familiarity of ppl around me. ..but i looked lost. .oh. i dreamt that i was sick.. and when i woke up.. i realise.. crap. that isnt a dream.. that part was real. = (

got to concentrate to do the report. but feeling so sian... procrasting again. well. got to do it asap anyway.

rm is looking slightly more like a rm now.

submitted my monash form.. oh man. they r so.. weird. one side of the form said '2 referees' the other say.' 3 referees to get an interview'... i was like.. WHAT? be clearer.. . disorganisation. hai.

all my applications r in.. now.. i jus got to PRAY hard that the referees forms will be in too.. murdoch shld me ok.. but not too sure abt the interstate ones. if not.. well, i hope i can bagged a few interviews at least.. argh. now, the problem being.. i hv no idea what the interviews will be.. what will they ask.. but unless i got selected for the Monash one (nov 12-15).. the rest r in dec. see how that goes.

velda commented that my driving was better yesterday.. parking was almost perfect too. other words.. if i need good driving. all i hv to do is to jus sleep one hr for the whole night. attend lecture..rush and apologise to lecturers who got to write my referees forms.. run around campus for a while.... well. tiredness seem to make me a better driver? interesting...

the feeling of stoned is coming back. well, i think i learned a few tips frm the kids i work with.. e.g. how to avoid work, how to stone effectively, how to steam...

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