Thursday, October 28, 2004

rush rush...applications deadline tomorrow

feeling slightly more human today.

the inclass observation exam was..... well. ok. not sure how m i going to write it up. but it seems that we r on the right track..based on what chris lee said abt the voice thing. not going to try diagnosing the girl... we dont hv the timeline.. plus only ONE interview session.. too risky.

this sunday's dinner is gonna be interesting.

anyway, mum send me stuff. jewellery that will make me look way older than i m. it is really weird.. come to think of it, when mum kept getting stuff that r too young for my taste.and now..she got somethign that is too old for my taste! :p well. the latter is better than the former i guess.. will grow into it in time... wahahahaa.. but it is nice of ma.. to actually remember when she is in china now. now.. i jus need a nice low cut top to go with that necklace. shucks mum.. i need to go shopping!!!!!!

the whole family got me some sort of jewellery. i actually see a pattern.. well..for grandma.. that's fine..since i'm the only who in the family who loves what she chooses.. :p in terms of jewellery anyway. my mother gets them for me becoz she is stuck in the view that i'm like 13 again.. crazy over accessories.. neglecting to see that i no longer wear any other necklaces besides my cross. well..and the topaz pendent together with the cross that my dad got for me. this year. then again. does it matter at all? everything that they get for me is precious... hehe. well, parents r parents..they refuse to see their kid grow up ya?

most of the applications r sent of.. going to do curtin today-last min decision. see how that goes.

taking it easy today.. slowly.. surely.

my CV looks so.. haha.. well.. i had to chuck in things like the merit award by the singapore courtesy council.... aiyo. so high sch leaver sort of thing. what to do... with only one work experience under my belt.

vel n i realised.. crap. we seen all the horrible sides of each other in the span of 2 weeks. the catty side, bitchy side, whinning, manja, happy, crazy, optimistic, pessimistic, crying, mania.. emotions run deep. i think vel n i will never forget what happen in this past mth. the love, joy.. laughter, sadnness... waiting for the day when..we will sit down.. reminince and realised.. hons year isnt such a big deal.. is jus a stepping stone to the place we will go to. it is a growing curve.

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with my status now. jus running thoughts after a conversation.

who says that romance must be abt doing BIG things. who in the world start that idea? sure surprises r cool.. i love surrrrrprises occasionally as well. but showering a girl with gifts everytime jus isnt my idea of romance ya?

what happen to the good old fashion of jus.. plain initiative? small gestures.. like understanding where the girl is coming frm.. realising that the girl needs at that time. doing something different sometimes.. without those big resturant outing.. like.. perhaps.. making an effort to hv lunch with her when.. she knows u r busy.... or maybe.. help the girl with something without her asking.... flowers? chocolates? jewellery? blah. leave that out to really special days..

as for the girls.. well.. mm.. i remember how.. my friend..made the effort to make soup for her bf.. and delivered it to his hse. isnt that romance? isnt that sweet? or perhaps.. being by his side when he watches soccer.. although SHE HATES soccer.. yet the guy didnt appreciate it. the guy even said 'i didnt ask u to do it' in the end...the guy left her. how dumb can that get? does that mean she didnt give him romance? no. she did. the guy is jus too slow to understand what she is doing.

i remember when peg asked me.. what shld she do..or when a guy asked me. what shld he do for his girl.. well.. other than buying gifts.. y not a massage. in a rm full of candles? why not...jus packing some sandwiches.. and choose a nice spot for lunch. y not jus...a spontenous trip to sentosa or something like that..

romance to me jus means initiative. the little things that count. always.


Anonymous said...

Watching soccer with a girl is quite different to watching soccer alone or with a group of guys :)


daphne said...

i think it is the initiative i'm talking abt here... that guy did not see her pt of view plus he did mention to her before that they shld try to spend more time together.... if he doesnt want her to watch soccer with
him in the pub, which she usually do every other week together with his brother at his hse.. with his inisistence as well..then tell her before hand ya that it is a GUYS event...

ps. see the contri part. the guy want her to watch soccer with her every other week-which she did willingly, happy even. so she stage a surprise for him and he didnt consider her feelings ya.... sad very sad.

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