Tuesday, October 26, 2004


chanel went out frm AI!!! but then again.. i dislike her outfit n some parts of the song anyway. hai. poor gal. then again, she is prob better off not in the comp.... her style is quite different frm the rest. tsk tsk tsk..

clearing my rm.. papers everywhere.. argh. bad bad bad.

it is amazing how ppl judged u so easily... how the blame game can be played. oh well *shrugs*

so many things to get used to at the moment.... and trying to support each other without getting too attached again. things shld never be taken for granted, yet it is easier said than done. emotions gathered r confusing yet enlightening. the process is painful yet something that it jus got to be done. not sure if the outcome will be good or bad.... nothing is certain.. still...u jus got to take the jump.


on a brighter note, the semester is ending soon -ok. fine. so the exam is coming soon as well.. but looking back at this 4 years in uni.. one year in college.. .. all the love, joy.. and guess what? everything is coming to an end.

the end signals a start anyway- yeah i know..cliche.

it's silly, i know, why in the world shld i be sad in leaving undergrad.. when my intentions r to be in postgrad? *roll eyes* but it's what i learned, what we achieved.. things that i discovered abt myself.. and the world i suppose.

v said.... i'hv grown up even more.. know what i want.. perhaps. it is much clearer what i want now.. there r still question marks.. alot of them but the main pt is clearer. sometimes anyway.

benji said he never had to worry abt me.. *roll eyes* then again, i think i worry more abt him. hrmph.

sing ppl sing.


Thoughts said...

doink! u should have woken me up so that i can be legitimately nasty to xyz n blame it on the thesis....


u will be fine dear.... u will. a journey in life without pain is not much of a journey....

according to evolution theory, pain is adaptive.

according to Buddhist teachings, pain and suffering brings about enlightenment and clarity.

the end does not signal a new beginning, but rather a continuation of life in a different direction. the past remains what it is and where it is... it doesn't vanish as easily as the delete button on the computer.

a different direction; a different perspective.


daphne said...

u were sleeping too soundly babe... ask the boys..the were there too! i dont hv the heart to wake you up.

yeah. too painful. but ppl r around to support i suppose. u r right i guess. it is a new direction..now..that's a good start for my personal statement!! thanks babe! :p

but when the pain shows..is also when u realise who truely care abt u.

wenrui said...

talking about mah brudder?

daphne said...

jon dear. me not your brother.. try sister ya?

i'm waiting to ranksack your bks..see what sort of good titles i can get.

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