Tuesday, October 26, 2004

handed in the thesis yesterday at around 1:30pm.

it feels strange holding that 2 books.. well. it is practically a bk anyway. dont think i will get a first with that sort of expression in my discussion especially. it is not a good discussion for tying up the stuff for sure.

but nonetheless it's OVER. oh crap. i actaully forgotten to thank professor carlson frm UC.. in the thesis. ah well. nm. too bad. not as if he is going to read it anyway.. wahahhah.

went out for dinner with JJ, christine, chris, mei en, chee, jimmy, adam n rob.. shared a beer with chee.. shared 2 seafood platter with 6 other ppl.. it was good fun. except i was too stoned to make a coherent conversation. i had to refrain to go to the bar.. i think if i take any more alchohol.. i will sure sleep like a baby in the pub/resturant. but it was great talking to them AFTEr this thesis thingie. jimmy, mei en n i had the same supervisor.. and we totally agree she ROCKS. she got this amazing ability to calm ppl down.. wahahahaha..

actually, come to think of it.. that was the FIRST time i saw jimmy this semester. he looked jus as stoned as me .. hahaha. but he faired better.. coz he can actually still continue the conversation....

btw vel didnt go..coz i found her asleep n thought it will be better if she slept instead. on the contrary to what she said.. she was remembered by the whole gang of coz!! *roll eyes*

went to jj's place for awhile.. he cleaned up hse apparently.. :p meien took me back home.. showered.. sat on the bed..and stoned again.

anyway.. i feel as if the blame is on me. as in. i dont know. 1 peter 3. and eph. 3. i know what my role is. but does he? how much shld one take? crap lah.

just gonna "seek His kingdom first" -the rest doesnt matter as much.

jackson jus accused of me neglecting him again.. jus becoz i chase him out of my rm nearly 20 hrs my thesis hand up time..and therefore i shld listen to him saying how tired he was. *roll eyes* jackson jackson.. i will spend more time with ya lah.. aiyo. i need to clean up my rm and clear applications forms..and and...hai.. settle other stuff.

my rm looks so horrible..that i dont want anyone to see it. its... well. i'm ashamed of it really. ha.

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