Friday, October 22, 2004


everything is in pieces. they need to come together. yet.. i'm too sian to move. ha

broke my own record..and didnt sleep the whole night. finally finished my discussion at 4pm.sent it off.. linger for a while..and hit the bed at 5pm. well, i did take ah hr nap in between.

haven been out of this hse for ages..wanna go shopping man. cant wait.

well, i planned to do my CV on monday it off on tuesday. slack the whole day.. listen to the lecture that i missed this week..prepare for wednesday' in class observation exam...

seems that ruthie wont be back in spore till mid-dec.... when will our bday bash be!!?! cant wait cant wait. to spend the whole night with the girls.

no ppl.. on the contrary to what my testimonials in friendster has been saying.. i'm straight as ever *roll eyes*

good books.. ah. jon jon.. give me a list of good bks to read when i get back to spore.... =) see, i'm deprived of books.

ok. i better look at my intro.. mm

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