Monday, November 15, 2004


well.. ONE more day to go..and that's it. END of undergrad life.

ppl who love me..who know me..will know who i am. Nothing else to explain. Others who think that they know me, but go around telling skewed explanations.. well, too bad for them.

my conscience is clear. Crystal clear. being accused of something that i hv not that's life.. but then again, ppl who know me will truely see through it.

that's the real world. like it or not. we hv to accept it. We got to respect people's perspectives..and in the midst of it, interpretations might go off tangent.

i'm not perfect. but that doesnt mean i dont appreciate friendships, relationships.. that is why i chose psychology in the first place. Using ppl jus for own gains... i can safely say, i try my best not to do that..and i dont do that. but it is up to you, to decide if i am or not.

To the ppl who stood up for me....who sees me for who i am.. who loves me. Thank you.. for all it's worth.. i do appreciate all the friendships. i truely do. *BIG HUGs*

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Thoughts said...

i love you:) *maucks*

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