Tuesday, November 16, 2004

screwed exam

Yes. We finished our last exam as an undergraduate.. woohoo.. (yeah right)

U see, we were supposed to have 230 MCQ questions.. but it was reduced to 160 after the lecturer realised we only hv 2 hrs to complete the questions.

But this morning, our paper consisted of 170 questions..which isnt that bad..if they provide us with the appropriate computer answer sheet.... YUP..there were only spaces for 150 answers.

Which means, the unit coordinator asked us to cancel the last 20 questions-now, in normal circumstances, we shld be happy..but not when we soon discover that the paper is a skewed one..and some of the questions in the last 20, were actually frm lectures that the lecturer said it was tested... and the front questions were.. well..jus plain ambigious.. bad phrasing, multiple answers for questions....etc etc. So v n i were actually able to answer the last 20 questions without much problems.. but had problems with the some of the earlier questions.

Anyway, v n i went to see the lecturer..who actually agreed with us..and told us it was the examiner board that screwed the exam papers up..giving us the wrong version of it.

What a way to end our undergrad..since we will be lodging a formal complain. *sigh* cant they jus let us graduate in peace....

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