Friday, November 19, 2004


went shopping on tuesday.. woohoo.. got 2 tops and a skirt.. oh. not forgetting 2 books as well.. cant wait for haz to join us for another shopping trip.. :) more clothes.. yeah.that reminds me, i need to clear my wardrobe out. :p

went to gym today.. did 3 kms.. shld hv done more.. but got too tired...after 1 mth of not running, or doing step.... i cant believe how fast my stamina went downhill.. even for weights, i did lighter weights than usual. got to work my way up again.. thinking of going back to step classes, but they r getting so boring....

tomorrow is the psych party..and pubbing... mmmmmmmm.. well, 4 years..and that's it.end of psych degree now. Everyone is going off different directions... chee going back to spore, jimmy getting married/postgrad???? meien-maybe postgrad? christine..job.going back to spore, jj-post grad. velda-postgrad/singapore/uk/states. myself-postgrad/spore. that's life, everyone moves....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u mean

chee = singapore
jimmy = getting married
meien = masters + PHD for the next 4 yrs
christine = singapore
JJ = malaysia
Velda = singapore + getting married

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