Monday, November 22, 2004

past few days

Went for the psych grad party on friday... woohoo.

Had such a good chat with my supervisor, Helen. She rocks..really. Esp when she is so undiplomatic at times. And oh, when she is assertive in some of the conversations..esp with DL and CL. :p

did i mention this supervisor of mine plays the cello as well?

CL kept talking to me on friday, i wonder is it becoz he knows i m thinking of lodging a formal complain against him? then again, instead of lodging a formal complain, i might jus go talk to Ian walker..and that's it. Afterall PD did say that it wont do me any good to lodge a formal complain..and if i still want my chance to go back to murdoch...


After the party, we head down to the city for dinner and hotgrass jelly.. yummy. I'm glad i got JJ and Velda to like it.. heehehe..

We headed to the Grapeskin for a drink.. but it was so crowded. We moved to Mustang..where we got DILUTED drinks. hrmph. my black russian taste more like coke..cant taste the volka...and the screwdriver that i had after that... is like drinking orange juice. I was told that they do that on weekends.

The music was ok..the dance floor was good. AND THEN someone spilled BEER on me!!! hrmph.

Dancing with velda and christine.. WOOHOO..those 2 r real sexy. Well, ok. so velda n i kept dancing with each other...and i think it got really hot sometimes...kinky huh? oh well... we had lots of fun.....

came home stinking...


Oh yeah... work on saturday morning...i found out why sean was screaming that much. Apparently the school jus gave in to him when he throws a tantrum. Which means he gets want he wants everytime he screamed at school! Too bad for him, since everytime he screamed, i made him do one more page of work.....

I was really happy..when Karl, Charlie's father said Charlie enjoys coming for his lessons, and is actually looking forward to his sessions. The sense of satisfication when a child enjoys learning is priceless. Charlie was sweet, half way through the session..jus after his break, he came towards me and gave me this huge hug. *smiles* These r things that make u feel.....everything is all worthwhile. Worthwhile to see a kid smile, a kid learn... Even greater, when u see these kids giving affection... knowing that it isnt easy at all for them to do that. Things that we take for granted with normal children.

Even with Brandon, JJ said "Hi brandon"..Brandon replied "Hi"..JJ went on to say "How are you?" brandon actually replied "I'm good thank you" with EYE CONTACT! Brandon was looking at JJ... is, he progressed so much that he actually listened and tried a mini conversation!!!!! How amazing is that? Doris (his mum) n i immediately patted his head and told him that was EXCELLENT talking.. hahaha.. These are things we dont do with a normal child, as it is expected that they know how to do that..but for Brandon? that's a BIG step.


Amazing as well.. how for a friend, apparently working with children makes her realised that...she doesnt want any in the future. I think my current job made me realise how much i enjoy and want to work with them.. even more.


Anonymous said...

that "friend" never wanted kids in the 1st place rem? it was only an "option" for her. well gd for her anyway. don't really fancy recognizing her face 10 years down the road when she is jailed for child neglect/abuse/murder.. something along those lines anyway.

in any case, before she can talk about kids, she has to find a bf first.

Thoughts said...

yeah now that u mention, someone hit me on the head!

i'm not sexy. i'm fat.

n stop typing eye contact in caps, emphasizing it!:P

got to try the house of blues sometime soon n quick!

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