Wednesday, November 24, 2004


jus feeling that way. here n there.

tonsils getting better.

yesterday's gathering was good. the food was fantastic....i think we enjoyed ourselves. Well..ok..we didnt enjoy the flies.

the game was kept us occupied for a while.... and to see chee trying to act out 'spring roll'..Mhwaha.

that could be our last meeting in perth. at least with the whole gang.

hot weather lately. i want winter back.

yes velda.hse of blues next... count me in. when u come back i suppose.

Someone warned me abt over guarding my heart. i dont even know what's over guarding anymore. but anyway, there r somethings i jus wont admit. that's true. cant do it. even to myself. maybe that's my downfall. oh well. tomorrow is another day.

on the bright side, i'm getting better. my hsemates r finishing exams... (ok..1 finished, 2 more to go).

realised that when i'm sick... i'm whine even more. and i feel even worse. emotionally. this suxs. i got to get well soon before falling down the whole 'self pity' crap again.

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