Saturday, November 27, 2004

the never ending 'rushed' feeling

roughly 1.5 weeks after our final paper..and i still feel like i'm in a mess.


1) my nice tonsils decided to be good to me..and the swell went down. BUT i'm coughing now..and only God knows how fast i can get over this cough. And yes, i do look worse than monday. hrmph. I feel worse too. *growl*

note: i'm not that grouchy these days.. jus a little...

2) ROOm is still in a mess. going to pack all my papers NOW. I'm hoping that the stuff frm my thesis can fit into one box... my things r all over the place.. noooo..

3) the masters application thingie..I think murdoch will be sending out the letters today.. I went for curtin's interview..and yes!! FACe to face interview is so much easier than phone. I'm actually less nervous. They gave me this case study that was 1.5 min long. But after CL's unit and how we do the clinical report thing.. i ended up with heaps of things to talk abt..including the types of therapies i can use, the presentation of problem, the body language..etc etc. Overall, i didnt stumble or anything ..but as usual i screwed up the ethics question. hrmph.

4) the drama of DL. Dont like to be drawn into this debate. But i stand by my thoughts on the rights of a student and the equity issue that I have with it. Dont tell other students what u dont want others to know. Period. If that's going to affect my standing for masters application..that's outright biased and not professional at all.. which i hope will not come true. I wonder who is more disappointed. Him in me or me in him then.

5) macquarie Uni screwed my application. Claimed they cannot process my application without my FINAL results. Which is screwed basically..since my results wont be out till dec 13 and their final processing closes at the end of nov. Weird since i dont see why they cant process my application since Uni of Mel and Monash-both ranked higher than Macquarie processed it. hrmph.

couple of good things happened of course..

1) i got an interview offer frm Uni of mel.....

2) i won a book voucher. But it's the university bookshop!! that depends if i'm going back to murdoch next year...and either use it on text..or some other books.. :p

3) Always good to know others better.

yes. as u can see i'm trying to be optimistic.

the year aof 2004 can be a year of breakups. So many couples i know...r no longer together. Is this year jinx for r/s or something?

Oh yeah. List of things to do.

1) read Sybil- i'm getting hooked on it. oh.and move on to 2 other books i want to read.
2) Pack my room-getting there
3) bake a cheesecake
4)bake brownies
5) make clam chowder soup
6) Clean the bathroom
7) watch the notebook
8) Shop more
9) pub more
10) do up the flash cards for work
11)send feedback letter to one of the parents who claimed she didnt get it.
12) wait for helens' reply on whether my work has publishable material.
13) research on short trips.. plan a short trip.
14) try a couple of new restuarants.
15 organise a small cocktail night for the hse...

EVERYONE in the hse finished their exams today.. finally.. good food later. =)


armand said...

mmmmm clammm chowderrr....

Anonymous said...

do i get the cheesecake, brownies, clam chowder?

am i included in shopping, pubbing, short trips(excluding utr house trip) and trying out new resturants?


armand said...

No you don't get the clam chowder Velda. That one is all mine. mine!!!

Anonymous said...

don't be selfish Armand!i'm sure there is more than euff to go round! if not i's sure jackson can go without his! after all, he needs to lose weight more than me!


daphne said...

velda- it depends if i'm making all 3 this week or the next. But the brownies r prob this week..and u r away. I'm still at the experimenting stage for the clam chowder though...but armand finished the rest of the pot the last time i made u got to ask him if it was ok.

armand..actually u will get all of the above..since u stay in the same hse with me.... whether they turn out good or bad.

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