Thursday, December 02, 2004


posted jus now but for some reason it didnt come out.

Anyway, both curtin n monash put me on their 'waitlist' which means i hv to wait for their 2nd round of offer.

Uni of mel..interview next week..apparently they had 130 applicants. 30 shortlisted for interview and 10 will get in (HOw in the WORLD can i get in man?)

Murdoch-interview next week as well.

irene is in perth today.

Macquarie screwed up my application BIG TIME. well, the international office did. THEy do not need my FULL results.. but for some reason, the international office refuse to process my application (i.e. pass the application to the psych department) unless they recieve my results. But when i called up the psych department, they say NO..they dont need the full results yet..and NO is not a requirement frm them.. total opposite to what the international office told me. how sickening is that?

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