Saturday, December 04, 2004

jumbled up thoughts

was told that the marks for thesis is out. Helen refused to tell me my marks before the board meeting on monday.. which i am not sure if that is a good or bad sign.. although she insisted that there isnt any need to panic yet.

Alan going back to spore on saturday.

2 more saturdays of work and end of sch term! Summer break for them. Well, none of us r returning next year so they got to get new therapists. Let's see if I get back to murdoch first and then i will decide if i can get back next year.

Haz's hsewarming party tonight.

It was heart warming to hear irene' talk abt her wedding and her r/s with kitson's family. How happy she looked when she was talking. *smiles*

Am i going to get back to spore? Not sure. No available flights out of perth till Jan. No offers for postgrad yet. No idea where i will be.

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